“Every moment of every day, your individual impact truly does matter to someone else in the world.”

To all who have supported and followed the efforts of Operation-365:

For almost a decade, we’ve stood together to create outreach, tools, and discussions for bettering how we view and treat one another. An effort that once again, and to all, I must put forth my most sincere gratitude.

Yet as I review our history, I realize Operation-365 has entered a pinnacle moment. A moment where (more important than funding programs and designing technology) is a time to get back to the grassroots that originally grew us together: The world of the daily RADSTONEblog.

So as we celebrate the outreach of the past, reflect on the many stories shared, and honor the diverse people we have connected, I invite you to take part in the next chapter of where we are going.

Let’s see how far we can reach!

With warmth and gratitude,

Richard Radstone
Founder, Operation 365


We create tools, media, and outreach that foster constructive face-to-face human interaction, dialogue, and acts of kindness between people of all beliefs and diversity.

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How We Do It…

Produce and publish content that fairly represents diverse perspectives.

Host events that promote empathy regarding diversity.

Advocate healthy balance of digital use and face-to-face interaction.

Develop channels and apps that are free of fake news and commercial intent.

Bring people together in mind, heart, and action in bettering how we view and treat one another—especially in our difference.

The roots of our mission began in September 2011, when our founder, Richard Radstone, began blogging a series of daily essays, portraits, and video interviews that captured the hope and wisdom shared by 100s of diverse individuals– strangers to each other and to us. In all, asking the same basic set of questions. The responses were varied, but one profound and very much shared call-to-action emerged: empathy toward our fellow human…

A global community was born, and as 1000s saw the faces and listened to the wisdom of absolute strangers, a real and powerful majority was raised. A majority brave enough to deeply care about one another. A people who realize it is our diversity of perspective and lifestyle that makes us rich and strong as humans. A community that cares not about race, creed, outlook, gender, age, atraction, religion, or whether in agreement or disagreement—One Person, One Neighborhood and One Community at a time.

We are proving that via the localized efforts of many diverse individuals,
we can grow a culture and stimulate action that truly betters the world we share.

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